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How Speexch™ Works

How SPEEXCH™ Works

Speexch™ is an automated service with customized greeting that enables you to screen your calls and also be patched (connected) to your caller immediately.


How It Works:
  • When you sign up for service, you will be assigned your own 10 digit USA telephone number.
  • You can call-forward any telephone number in the world to this number.  Your mobile phone, office phone, home phone, any telephone number - no limit.  When any of those numbers are called, the call will be call-forwarded to this number.
  • Any telephone number in the world can be call-forwarded as along as that country's telephone service provider has this feature.
  • For more privacy, another option is to give out your assigned number as the number to reach you.

How the Call Flows:
  • When your number is called, the caller will hear your customized greeting (or you can opt to use the system's greeting).
  • The caller will be instructed, in your greeting, to leave a message, how detailed and any pertinent information you want.
  • As the caller is waiting on hold, you will now be notified by text, telephone call.
  • You call in, press the star key (*), enter your pass code, and follow the prompts to be connected (patched) to the caller.

Other Applicable Options To Consider:
  • You can have one subscriber mailbox with multiple Shared Users - Option 1.
  • You can have up to nine subscriber mailboxes under one general directory announcement - Option 2.
  • You can create a whole virtual office with virtual receptionists in different departments - Option 3. ??   Explore Possibilities


After you have received a Notification of Activation by email/text you can now do the following steps to set it up and immediately use it:

  • Call the number assigned to you.
  • When hearing a prompt, enter the star key (*) (found on bottom left of your phone keypad)
  • You will be asked to enter your pass code.  Enter passcode = 1234.
  • Follow the prompts.  Among those asked:
1.  First is to change your passcode.
2.  Then record your name or name of mailbox (this identifies your mailbox -  especially used when forwarding messages between you and your colleagues/other subscribers).
3.  Last is to record a greeting (this is what your callers will hear  when they call your number).  You can edit and change them later.
Best to record  a simple greeting at first and then be creative later and modify them at anytime and as often as you like.
The system allows you to have up to 3 customized greetings that you can pre-record (modify anytime) and to be used by switching them back and forth as needed.

You now have completed the set up and your service is ready for use.
Go ahead and feel free to call-forward any telephone numbers you want answered.
Tip:  By call-forwarding your mobile phone to Speexch™, this gives you the instant capability to screen all your calls first!  But yet still be able to talk to them if you decide to.
  • You can now familiarize yourself with other available features.

As low as $0.90 per day paid per Billing Cycle. ??
Always there to answer your call™

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